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Quick Guide For Vaccinating Your Child Till The Age Of 18

December 2, 2023

Even though vaccination has become one of the most commonly used words today, most parents would know that till the age of 18, children and vaccines go hand-in-hand. Right from the moment a baby is born till the age of 18, there are several vaccinations required to immunize the child from various health conditions, bacterias, and viruses. As new parents or parents-to-be, it’s important that you understand this schedule so that you are better prepared with information and can plan it out well.

Vaccinating your child can be an anxious time for both you and your baby - the fear of pain, subsequent fever, etc can be scary, but it is essential. It is the best gift you can give to your baby by preventing them from several diseases. Most of these vaccinations are injected with Polio and Rotavirus being the only oral vaccinations.

As parents, you might wonder why these vaccination schedules are so important. With proven efficiency, vaccines are critical to ensure that your child is protected. When your child is vaccinated in time, it will protect them against 21 vaccine-preventable diseases. While at it, it’s best to check with your child’s healthcare provider if your child is up to date with all recommended vaccines.

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Here Is A Quick Look At The Vaccinations That Your Child Will Need.


  1. BCG - Also known as Bacillus Calmette–Guérin vaccine, it is a single dose which is to prevent your baby from Tuberculosis. While it can be administered anytime from birth to the age of one year, it is recommended that it is given as soon as possible. This is an injectable on the left arm.
  2. Hepatitis B vaccine - This vaccine protects your baby from the Hepatitis B Virus which can cause liver disease. This injectable vaccination is first administered at birth and then subsequently at 6,10 and 14 weeks.
  3. Another important vaccine is the Oral POLIO drops that protect against Polio. These drops are first given at birth, and then at 6months, 9 months, and on all national Polio vaccine days until the age of five.
  4. Apart from the Oral Polio Vaccine or OPV, your baby will also require IPV- injectable POLIO. This is essential to fight the inactive strains of the virus and to prevent the spread in case the child is infected. This is generally administered in week 14.
  5. DIPHTHERIA- This is a bacteria causing throat infection and heart disease and your child will require a vaccine to be protected from it. This shot will be given via injections on the upper thigh. The first, second, and third shots are scheduled at 6, 10, and 14 weeks respectively.
  6. Pertussis- This is a bacteria causing whooping cough. The DTWP vaccine will be given via injections on the upper thigh. The first, second, and third shots are scheduled at 6, 10, and 14 weeks respectively.
  7. Tetanus- This bacteria can cause death and the DTWP vaccine protects against tetanus also.
  8. Hemophilus Influenza B – This can lead to brain and ear infections and your child will need the HIB or Haemophilus Influenzae B shots in a similar pattern as above
  9. ALL 6 DPT HiB IPV HepB comes as a combination vaccine given at 6 weeks, 10 weeks, and 14 weeks and at 16 months. This is a painless vaccine which means it causes less pain and fever compared to other vaccinations.
  10. ROTAVIRUS vaccine is given orally to protect against rotavirus-associated diarrhea which is very common in infants.
  11. Pneumococcal vaccine for protecting against Pneumonia, ear infection, brain infection. These shots are given at 6 weeks,10 weeks, 14 weeks, and booster by 15 months. This can also be given until 16 years and above 50 years
  12. Influenza vaccine for preventing Swine flu and Pneumonia. Your baby will need two doses before the age of one and after that once every year till the age of five.
  13. Your baby will need vaccination against MEASLES- VIRUS which can cause rash and even death due to lowering of immunity and malnutrition. The MMR vaccine will be a preventive vaccine.
  14. Mumps can cause bilateral parotid gland swelling and the MMR vaccine is required to protect your baby from it.
  15. Rubella is a disease with rash and lymph node swelling, that can cause miscarriage, and congenital rubella syndrome. MMR comes as a combination given at 9 months, 15 months, and 4.5 years.
  16. Typhoid vaccine protects from water or food-borne typhoid disease affecting the bowel and brain. Your baby will need two doses between 9-12m and 2 years of age.
  17. Hepatitis A is a virus causing liver disease. Your baby will need 2 doses at one year and 18 months.
  18. Meningococcal vaccine protects your baby against bacteria causing severe brain disease. It is essential for travelers and is administered after 9-months.
  19. Chickenpox vaccine reduces the severity of chickenpox disease complications. Your baby will require two doses between 13-15months and at 4.5 years of age.
  20. HPV vaccine for cervical cancer and genital warts.
  21. Japanese encephalitis vaccine is for endemic areas
  22. Rabies vaccine for any animal bites.

Vaccinations can cause irritation, body ache, fever, and indigestion in children. After vaccination, please watch out for any such symptoms and reach out to your pediatrician for any immediate medical assistance.  An immunized child is a healthy child so do not forget this schedule. Take more information from your doctor in case any additional medications/vaccinations are required for your child.

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