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Hello, Baby Teeth: Natural Remedies To Ease Teething Irritation In Babies

December 3, 2020

If your little darling has turned into a Babezilla who plonks anything that comes her way into her mouth, you’re officially dealing with a teething tot. This marks a great new phase for you and your little one. It marks the dawn of all things solid, meaning that you won’t have to spend as much time in the kitchen blending almost everything into a fine puree. Still, the teething window is a mysterious phase, drawing out the most bizarre emotions from your baby. During this period, you may find that she’s perpetually irritable, cranky or grumpy.

But hey, it’s all for good reason. Pointed teeth can be painful as they pierce their way through your baby’s tender gums. Thankfully, there are ways to relieve this pain. Take a look at these all-star teething remedies, crafted on Cloudnine.

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Remedy 1. Treat Inflammation

A big reason why teething can trouble your tot is the inflammation of the nerves that run through the gums. Naturally, the first step you can take is to reduce the effect of this inflammation. Leave processed foods, refined sugar, dairy and potatoes off your little one’s plate.

Instead, use fresh vegetables and fruits, coconut, nuts and eggs in your recipes to whip up treats for your baby. This will stabilise your tot’s blood sugar, keeping inflammation in check.

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Remedy 2. Frozen Washcloths

Think about it. When someone is injured or in pain, it’s a natural reflex to offer an ice bag. Likewise, cold can soothe a baby’s delicate gums. Pick a thoroughly cleaned washcloth, freeze it and then offer it to your baby. A combination of cold and pressure can work wonders in relieving teething pain.

If you don’t have a washcloth, there are several alternatives you can choose from: a chilled spoon, frozen fruits and buffed wooden toys are some options.

Remedy 3. Teething Toys

If you lack creative genes, you can always resort to store-bought, non-toxic teething toys for your baby. Silicone teething rings and wooden teethers are safe and sturdy teething devices. They also come in a galaxy of charming, cutesy designs.

As you attempt to combat the symptoms of teething in your baby, know that it doesn’t have to be that hard. Embrace these teething remedies and turn your baby’s frown upside down.

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