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Flaunt that Baby Bump - The Rulebook on Maternity Fashion

Who would have thought that Kareena Kapoor Khan would become the quintessential poster girl of maternity fashion? The Begum of Bollywood dazzled the fashion fraternity when she walked the ramp for the Lakmé Fashion Week this year, donning a masterpiece by ace designer Sabyasachi. She was a vision, really. Her smile was resplendent and her skin shimmered under the arc lights. But best of all was her pregnant belly that sparkled like a centrepiece under her olive green choli.

Kareena Kapoor Flaunting Her Baby Bump- With celebrities flaunting their baby bumps with panache, pregnancy fashion has caught on amongst urban Indians. And with good reason too. Why wait until you give birth, to show the world your darling baby? Granted, there was a time when maternity wear would occupy a single, sparsely strung rack in an obscure corner of the local department store. You remember. That rack would contain reams of androgynous, oversized tunics, shapeless kurtas and dumpy leggings, because you know, how else would you hide your baby bump? But in the recent past, with the advent of a host of flattering maternity dresses launched by big labels, your baby bump just might be your best accessory!

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When it comes to stylish maternity clothes, flowy cuts like maxi dresses, empire-waisted tops and anarkalis are your best friends. Not only will they wrap you in comfort, they will also accentuate your torso, without highlighting the heaviness you feel underneath. Pair pastel flowy outfits with bright totes, and get platforms to match. Pregnant women tend to don baggy shirts and loose tops when they start dressing the part. Instead of wearing clothes that don’t flatter your frame or hide your bump, select semi-fitted styles to make you look leaner and taller.

Fashionable Clothes Being Flaunted By A Pregnant Woman- It’s a good idea to accessorise when you’re pregnant (do you really need a reason?). Go for dangling earrings and jhumkas, long necklaces and silk stoles to elongate your frame.  This will also create a focal point, so instead of your belly being your most prominent feature, the attention can be drawn back to your face. Since the wedding season is closing in, it’s also worthwhile to jazz up your wardrobe with some stunning, stylish maternity clothes. But remember, when it comes to dressy pregnancy outfits, invest in those that will see you through your whole pregnancy. After all, you don’t want to be spending big on pregnancy dresses you may not need in the months after you deliver. Opt for fabrics like cotton-silk, breathable crepe and soft chiffons. These should soothe you through hot flashes and bouts of itchiness, should the universe choose to throw them at you in the midst of somebody’s wedding. But hey, better safe than sorry.

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When you’re pregnant, it’s best to ditch the heels for some comfortable flats. Your spine needs to be well-supported through your pregnancy, because your back may get strained from the baby’s extra weight. T-straps, loafers, ballerinas, gladiators and juttis are just some of the styles you could choose from, and they look just as pretty, if not prettier, than heels. There’s a possibility that your feet might grow half an inch during your pregnancy, so leave a little room for growth in your new shoes. You’ll find that you glow just a little more when you dress your bump a little better. It’s probably the baby thanking you for her fashion makeover. Or perhaps it’s a sheen of sweat from all that shopping.

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