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Benign Blemishes: Skin Cysts & Tumours That Shouldn't Have You Worried

December 3, 2020

If there were a dictionary for un-utter-worthy words, tumour would make it right to the top. Along with others like cancer, decline and death (because this dictionary is in order of gravity). As heavy-duty as the word may seem, not all tumours are reason for concern, with some being benign and treatable. Likewise, skin cysts – characterised by unsightly pockets of tissue – can seem sinister, but are actually non-cancerous. If you’ve got skin protrusions that have you worried, here’s a deeper look at cysts and tumours to ease your mind.

Skin Cysts

Sebaceous cysts are pea-like pockets of skin that contain liquid or some other fluid-like substance. They usually appear on the face, neck and torso and feel smooth to the touch, sinking into the skin when pressed. Such cysts bear a needle-head opening, called an epidermal pore, right on top. While non-cancerous, they can lead to discomfort if not treated.


  • Infections
  • Blockages in the sebaceous glands
  • Exposure to foreign bodies


  • Natural healing
  • Surgical removal (in case of infection or further growth)
  • Lancing (piercing and draining the cyst)
  • Cortisone injection (to reduce inflammation, flatten skin and relieve pain)

Skin Tumours

Skin tumours refer to lesions or blemishes on the skin; they can be benign or malignant. While the latter requires anti-cancer therapy, the former can be treated through basic medical or surgical management. Benign skin tumours are typically categorised by their place of growth. Adenomas, lipomas, myomas and uterine fibroids are some examples. Such tumours also appear in other forms that go by various other names – such as warts, moles, birthmarks, acne lesions and skin tissue from old insect bites. Yep, who’da thunk it?


  • Exact causes remain unknown
  • May be linked to rapid cell division and genetic factors


  • Natural healing
  • Surgical excision (cutting the skin, extracting the growth and stitching up the wound)
  • Cryosurgery (freezing the tissue, either with an instrument or with liquid nitrogen)
  • Curettage and electrodesiccation (scraping away the tumour tissue and plugging the bleeding with an electrosurgical unit)

Whether you seek surgical management for fibroids or cosmetic intervention for acne scars, on Cloudnine, our seasoned panel of gynaecologists and dermatologists are armed with cutting-edge techniques to give you the best outcomes. Wear your skin with confidence, with treatments tailored for you.

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