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Worried mothers are caring mothers

December 3, 2020

The pandemic that hit us in the early months of 2020 has left us all worried. The worrying and anxiety are tenfold when it comes to the moms-to-be spread all over the nation. UNICEF came out with a video recently that gave a rough estimate of around 20.1 million babies that are to be delivered during these months of the ongoing pandemic. This means that the mothers-to-be will have to visit hospitals, places that are the most vulnerable with the virus infection at large.

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The sudden arrival of the pandemic has left the medical fraternity shorthanded with a lack of equipment to deal with the calamity. With everything that is going on, it is difficult for many to come to terms with the scenario. We understand how mothers with infants on the way feel and we take it upon ourselves to make it a better life for them during their pregnancy and after.

We on Cloudnine have the utmost regard for a mother’s anxiety and we believe that everything can be handled with little consideration and wishful thinking. We know moms.

Not too long ago, Cloudnine Bangalore was a host to Mom Warrior Archita Sain, an engineering graduate from West Bengal. She let us take care of her and we did our best to make her feel at home. Lockdown has compelled many to stay away from their families. In these treacherous times, all we can hope for is to try and be another family to mothers like Archita. We hope to treat them like a mother. We had a wonderful time talking to her and were awestruck at how well she put everything in words. Adversity did not bow her down.

Here’s presenting, Mom Warrior Archita Sain.

Cloudnine: Tell us about yourself and how has your family supported you during this period?

Archita: I moved to Bangalore, two years back. Before we took steps towards family planning, we went to Cloudnine and consulted with Dr. Modhulika. My family members including my parents, parents-in-law, and husband are extremely caring about me. They all made sure I was following a healthy diet, and that I was taking regular small walks around. During the 3rd trimester, they all kept enquiring about my baby’s movements, and furthermore, they made sure that I did not end up catching a cold.

Some of my family friends are also currently staying in the same housing complex where my apartment is. They have also been extremely helpful. Every person around me has been concerned about my health. I have been treated with so much care.

Cloudnine: What were your reasons for choosing Cloudnine?

Archita: I did a bit of research before I opted for a particular place. Cloudnine promised some facilities and extraordinary services which were in line with the safety during pandemic norms.

After my tenure with Cloudnine, I am particularly satisfied with their services and also, a very happy mother!

We at Cloudnine provide a number of services to help our customers during these emergency times. We provide emergency cab services for pick up during physical check-ups. Further testing of every individual is a must before entering the premises. We provide video consultation with doctors and nutrition and diet control online classes, amongst other services.

Cloudnine: How was your journey with Cloudnine, especially given the current scenario?

Archita: Before the pandemic, when the situation was normal, we used to have regular check-ups with Dr. Modhulika madam. Things were very normal. However, after the pandemic was announced and the lockdown started, we all were worried; My mom was not able to fly because of the lockdown restrictions that stated all domestic flights would be cancelled. We were all worried to step out of our apartment for consultation with our doctor.

However, the Cloudnine team quickly launched a video consulting option in their app. It helped us to stay connected to my doctor. Dr. Modhulika is an extremely experienced doctor. She always provided us with the most positive advice. She was also very prompt over email regarding my queries. For the last scan that I was supposed to undergo, I came to Cloudnine. The experience was different from the time before the pandemic.

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The hospital staff was extremely alert, maintaining extremely good hygiene for the safety of new-borns, moms, doctors, and staff. When I had an early pain, I emailed the doctor and also consulted the on-duty doctor. Both suggested that I come to the hospital the next day. The entire delivery team was great! The doctor came in at 11 pm for delivery purposes. After the delivery was done, the nursing staff was helpful to me. They were very caring towards the baby as well.

It was a great experience at Cloudnine, specifically with Dr. Modhulika. I found her to be a very positive thinking woman. Her advice during my pregnancy period was very encouraging and it kept me thinking about positive and the good outcomes only.

The staff too were extremely helpful whenever I needed them. I genuinely felt safe and taken care of on Cloudnine. I cannot be more grateful to Cloudnine for the experience.

Cloudnine: Please share some inspiring words for pregnant women/moms on Cloudnine, given the current situation.

Archita: Stay calm; if you have any doubts talk to your doctor. Cloudnine hospital is maintaining utmost hygiene and you can be sure that they are taking the pandemic seriously. Let your problems be known to your doctor without delay.

I don’t think if one avails all the wonderful services provided by Cloudnine and uses their app, any mother will be worried or more so, dissatisfied with anything. These are tough times, so stick closer to your near and dear ones and you will sail through the journey perfectly.

We are grateful for your experience Archita. We look forward to seeing you again on Cloudnine. You were wonderful to host and lastly, remember Cloudnine loves and is here for you, always!

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