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Want To Enjoy Your Pregnancy? Here’s How You Can Do It.

December 8, 2023

Pregnancy, whether expected or unexpected, planned or otherwise, is a roller coaster ride that no other experience can match up to.  Just like a mixed bag, there are going to be a whole lot of emotions that you will process through the nine months that you carry your baby. While birthing and parenting are different ball games altogether, don’t be mistaken that your pregnancy is just your responsibility - all your loved ones will play a key role in this journey.

Managing Emotions


Pregnancy is supposed to be a blissful phase. Well, it is, but there’s a whole lot of other emotions that get unearthed during this phase. Right from the disbelief of having your mini-me growing inside you, to the amazement when you first hear the heartbeat, feel the first kick and so on, to sheer love you feel for this baby you haven’t even met, there will be a host of emotions, but not all emotions are positive.

There is fear and concern - for your baby’s safety, for the anticipated pain and many other things; there’s anxiety and stress that you will feel in spurts; there are mood swings, of course, that you can all blame on your cranky hormones.

While you might find yourself swinging between extremes and crying because of a silly video that popped up on your social media feed, it’s important to understand that your state of mind has an impact on your baby too.

Therefore, you must understand how to navigate through these emotions and have a happy pregnancy. The good emotions are great and bring a lot of joy, but the negative emotions can have a real downside. Engage in candid conversations. Talk to your obstetrician about why you feel stressed and if you happen to consult with one of our doctors at the Birthplace, your concerns will be addressed appropriately.

Additionally, confide in your near and dear ones, hear their stories, and soak in all the love. Your baby will enjoy that pampering too!

Dealing With Physical Changes

One of the worst-kept secrets is the fact that pregnancy will bring about changes to your body too. While most people expect the pregnancy glow to be one of the only changes, it’s obvious that your tummy will begin to show and you will gain weight. You might lose hair and start developing stretch marks as well.

This is a part of your pregnancy experience. Instead of feeling sad about it, get going. Manage your stretch marks by taking advice from your doctor. Exercise and practice Yoga to not just calm your mind, but to also stay fit. Your self-esteem depends on how well you maintain it, so instead of thinking of your pregnancy as changing your body, think about it as a beautiful change to your life. Keep yourself well-hydrated and eat right to steer clear of constipation and piles.

Satisfy your food cravings, as long as they are safe and healthy for you.

Prepare Yourself Well

If you are a first-time mother-to-be, you will have a lot of questions, and that in itself can be daunting. Make sure you talk to your doctor and not rely on the internet for your answers. Our doctors make sure that they explain every little detail because they know that it matters. When in doubt, it’s best to ask questions so that they are addressed.

To make your birthing easier, it’s a great option to join Lamaze classes. These are much more than exercise sessions. From getting to talk and sharing to learning tips about pain management, emotional management, and breastfeeding, Lamaze classes are also a way for you to involve your partner in your pregnancy experience. You will learn breathing techniques to stay calm and manage the discomfort and pain of labor.

Pregnancy can be as beautiful as you want it to be. One of the most prescribed requirements is your happiness, so find ways to engage in things that you enjoy. Take up hobbies and don’t push yourself too hard. Learn how to strike a balance between work and personal life so that the pressure doesn’t spill over to the little one you are nurturing inside you. Share a close bond with your loved ones and remember to keep stress at bay.

The Birthplace will make sure that your journey is comfortable and well-informed. We will provide you with all the assistance that you need to make this experience of yours the one that you will remember happily for the rest of your lives!

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