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Tough situations don't last, tough Moms do

December 3, 2020

We, on Cloudnine, feel so happy when we hear our customers appreciate us and see them happy, especially owing to our services. It’s the most gratifying of all. If Cloudnine were a human it certainly would feel Like a Mom, who is happy seeing her children happy.


We’re glad that We Know Moms like no one else. Hence, our services cater to the most essential needs of the mother and child. We can observe how every mom is a warrior especially during these trying times when a global pandemic is hovering over our heads.One such MomWarrior, as we call them on Cloudnine is Rangoli Aggarwal from Chandigarh who is a working woman. Her due date was on the 28th of April 2020, however, in her 36th week her water broke. She immediately called her specialist Dr. Shanujeet Kaur. Rangoli was reported to the hospital. The lockdown had been announced by that time.Rangoli had started panicking by then. Despite the lockdown, Dr. Shanujeet reported to the hospital in no time and while rangoli’s specialist was on the way, the other doctor took good care of her and helped her relax. Rangoli talks of her experience with the doctors and the other staff on Cloudnine.


She asserts that the services were good and that she had got her prior treatment done from Cloudnine Gurgaon under Dr. Preeti Aggarwal, however, owing to the lockdown situation she had to return to her hometown Chandigarh.In Chandigarh, Rangoli consulted Dr. Shanujeet Kaur. Dr. Shanujeet is one of the kindest doctors you’d ever meet, we are very privileged to have such a highly skilled specialist like her associated with Cloudnine.Both Dr. Preeti and Dr. Shanujeet were very helpful to Rangoli and reverted to all her calls and messages within minutes.


At the time of her delivery, the hospital staff took very good care of social distancing and also the hygiene and other norms. The nurse in rangoli’s labour room for the night duty was very supportive, sweet and kept her motivated throughout.Good News! Now Home Vaccination for babies available at your doorstep.We are very happy to have been such an integral part of Rangoli’s pregnancy journey. Her experience has helped her in understanding the current situation better and she shares a few lines with us to motivate and address all new moms and Moms-to-be;“This situation is really tough for everyone but for women who are pregnant and have their due dates in this time are living with a constant fear of delivering in such conditions. I was also very scared and anxious but the facilities, the staff and the doctors at the hospital supported us completely and just be positive, keep your calm because whatever the mother will feel will impact the baby this is a temporary situation and our baby will be coming in the world, we’ve to be more cautious towards our baby’s health, hygiene and a better environment as well.So, just stay positive and know that God is taking care of everything!


Want to consult a doctor? Book Online Consultation with the best Gynecologist in IndiaThat helped me and my husband, who kept me happy and smiling and motivated throughout although he was scared himself just being positive really helped us.And staying positive will help you all too!”Cloudnine is one of it’s kind and promises all new moms and moms-to-be that it will provide the best of the best to you all, be it services, safety or support.Must Read: Cloudnine makes sure that everyone leaves for home happier"Want to consult the best gynecologists in India?"

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