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December 3, 2020

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Customer Rating

Customer Rating[/caption]

My experience with Cloudnine was a very pleasant one. It was more like a hotel treatment than that of a hospital. The nurses very were friendly and cooperative. All the facilities were up to the mark like food, clothing, housekeeping, etc.

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The duty doctors were also very friendly. My doctor, Dr Anuradha was a pleasure to consult with throughout. She always believed in home remedies rather than medicines, and her will to have a normal delivery for me till the end is appreciated. Being with her really felt like being with a new age doc and not the traditional thinkers. All other consultants like the physiotherapist, nutritionist and the lactation specialist were big support from start to end. The child specialist is also very friendly and does not show any aggressiveness to our continuous questions!

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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback[/caption]

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My special appreciation is to the nurses and duty doctors who made me feel at ease throughout and were extremely friendly and always smiling and ready to help.

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