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Special Things About Expecting Moms In Gurgaon

December 3, 2020

Pregnancy is something that most women celebrate. In India while everybody rejoices on the news of pregnancy of a woman in the home and foresee the arrival of next generation, unfortunately, people are also doomed into some misconceptions and myths. And Gurgaon is no different.

India is called a sub-continent and rightly so. Every state and region in India has its own cuisine, mother tongue, culture and beliefs associated with pregnancy and prenatal care.

Similarly in Gurgoan, there are some specific things about expecting mom which have carried forward one generation after other; including some weird beliefs and myths.

1. Myths about predicting gender-

There are many myths around determining sex of the foetus like- if you have acne when pregnant then it’s a girl and if you have cravings for savoury things then too it’s a girl but if you crave for sweets it’s a boy. If the baby bump is on the higher side then it’s a girl if it’s low then it’s a boy. The truth is you just can’t determine the sex of the baby by any of these methods. The cravings, shape and position of the baby or the beauty of the mother-to-be or acne, they’re all hormonal changes or just the baby’s comfort inside the womb.  

2. Rituals performed during pregnancy-

‘Godh bharaai’ is a ritual performed towards the end of the seventh or the eighth month. It literally means ‘fill the lap’ with gifts and abundance of joy. This ritual is performed to bless the soon to be born baby and the mother-to-be. The pregnant mom is all dressed up and this a ‘women only’ function.

3. The saga of hot and cold food-

It is believed that the mother’s body is hot during pregnancy and hence foods like banana, meat, fish, chicken, potatoes, papaya, coconut, red chillies and lady's finger have to be avoided since they are hot (garam taasir ka khana). To keep the body temperature under control by cooling it a little, cold foods (thandi taasir ka khana) like juices, fruits, milk and dairy products, are advised more for consumption.

4. Eclipse and pregnancy-

Pregnant woman and her unborn baby are protected from the said ill-effects and are advised to take many precautions. They’re forbidden from going out and are asked to stay in closed rooms and as well are not allowed to eat or drink anything at the time of eclipse. Although there are no scientific evidences about any effects on mother or the foetus, people in Gurgoan still follow this tradition.

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