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Simply Awesome, Perfect Place on Earth to Welcome Your Angel.

December 3, 2020

Whenever something happen good with you, You should not only thank GOD for it, but also thank one who make you feel happy and good. Thanks Cloudnine for your awesome service. Today, I want to share about my experience of 3 days at Cloudnine Hospital. Ahh Sorry not hospital but a 5 star Hotel cum Maternity Hospital.

4 months back when I was so confused while selecting a maternity hospital after going through hundreds of sites, forums etc. I read a lot negative about corporate hospitals etc. but when I met CRM (Priyanka J - Cloudnine Gurgaon) with my doubts about fee & charges, facilities- She told me "Don't worry Vishal, I will not take single penny more than what is quoted; now you just call me with news that whether it is Boy or girl..." ( my bill was INR 300 less than what they quoted). When my wife visited Cloudnine before booking "She told me straight forward, I want my baby landing here only & finally I booked Cloudnine with a lot of doubts with taking a chance.....

Finally, when the great day arrived & we reached Cloudnine. Cloudnine team admitted my wife with great pleasure and, we got a lavish ,clean , hygienic single room, with all amenities like TV, clean & hygienic washroom, consumables etc..

Few compliments by relatives, friends who came to wish us,

1) "We have not seen such a hospital where everyone including doctors, nurses are smiling"

2) "I am still not believing that it’s a hospital bro, I feel like I am in a hotel "

3) "am I really in hospital, there is no smell here"

About care :- 150/100 marks to care.... Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Dietitian, Lactation Consultant , Pediatricians visit quiet frequently... Nurses visit on single button press within 10 secs even if baby cry, they come till baby it was awesome.  Now when I re-looked into Cloudnine Logo, it is my baby in her mother's lap, Logo was so much resembling the feelings going on.

Food :-Food was served to Patient as per dietitian recommended schedule automatically without order,  I don't know, how Cloudnine team is managing all activities so flawlessly.First day, my brother told that "let’s have lunch outside, here it must be very costly" when we inquired about food, it was just INR 70/- per plate & food was great, healthy and much better than Haldiram thali. All family, friends, relatives had their food in Cloudnine during stay.

During discharge, my wife & mom told me that "humara ghar jane ka mann hi nahi kar raha " ask them "can't we stay here for next 1 year? "

CRM:- I really dream to be part of Cloudnine team to serve the society in this wonderful way, Cloudnine way.

Over & above, There were lot of surprises-  Baby photo shoot, car decoration, 2 days care taker at home & many more etc. I can't stop writing about Cloudnine . I relish all my time in Cloudnine really on ninth cloud. Simply awesome, perfect place on earth to welcome your angel. Thanks #Cloudnine, your connect with your customers is worth appreciating , you are in correct service.  

Thanks to the CEO & Top team, who executed their plan so beautifully to achieving their mission & Vision. Thanks Dr. R. Kishore For your Vision & beautiful execution. Just sustain the services(which I enjoyed), and improvements have no end. We have named our baby as "Vivaan" which means "full of life", also name of Lord Krishna.

#thanksgiving #awesomeexperience #happyfamily#healthlyMothersHappyBabies #AwesomeHospital#cloudnine  


Vishal Mahajan

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