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Role of Physiotherapy in Women's Health

December 3, 2020

There is increased awareness and focus to health issues related to female in recent times. There are multiple roles a women has to play which leaves her with less time for her own self. Females have a natural tendency to place her own needs beneath family’s requirements. The society may believe and practice the notion –“Ladies first”. But when it comes to Indian women we, most of the times have a natural tendency to ignore our own health, exercise in any form of relaxation is never our priority.

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From the beginning of puberty, a girl may experience various menstrual discomforts till the time she attains her menopause also, at various stages of life like during pregnancy and postnatally, there are various musculo-skeletal issues /ailments which a women lives with.

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Pain sometimes becomes synonymous with being a women but, we need to address these issues and take a step towards preventing and eliminating these aches and pains. One such step is a step towards physiotherapy. What better occasion it can be other than World Physical Therapy Day which is observed worldwide on 8th of September.

Women’s health physiotherapy has been derived from the clinical area of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Taking care of women in relation to both antenatally and postnatally include teaching antenatal exercises, giving labor education and support, in the treatment of incontinence and in the care of women undergoing gynecological surgery.

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The scope of practice has definitely increased in recent times to include all health concerns of women like pelvic pain, Sacro-iliac joint dysfunctions, prolapse, varicose veins, plantar fasciitis, incontinence, prenatal andpost-partum musculo-skeletal pain, osteoporosis rehabilitation and generalized wellness programmes. All females throughout their life span from young adolescent girl, the child bearing age group, the menopausal women to the geriatric age group benefit from physical therapy.

Specific exercise programmes to ease menstrual discomforts in young girls and other women, exercises to promote general wellbeing during pregnancy and to address ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, neck and shoulder aches and pains, coccydynia etc. Specific actions to ensure healthy aging for older women, physiotherapy can help identify and eliminate fall risk factors thereby preventing fractures by balance training and core strengthening. Weight bearing exercise can slow down bone density reduction for elderly women.

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Physiotherapy can make a difference to every member of a family at some point of their life. Never ever hesitate to ask and approach a physiotherapist, as to what we can do for you.

More power to all of us!!

Happy World Physiotherapy Day

8th September.

2020 Theme- Rehabilitation after Covid-19 and severe illness.

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