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Planning a Family in the 21st Century: The Importance of Pre-Pregnancy Counselling

For the typical twenty-first-century woman, starting a family is not always an organic extension of marriage. For many couples, it follows a meticulously phased timeline; travel, marriage, career, discovery perhaps. And then, children. Not necessarily in that order, mind you.

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The trouble is, your biological clock may tick faster than you might expect. And when you are ready to grow your family, your body may recoil in silent rebellion. To ward off the risk of having your body take a biological break when you’re ready to create a new little human, it’s important to seek pre-pregnancy counselling to assess your body and its needs before conception.

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Pre-Pregnancy Counselling on Cloudnine

On Cloudnine, our couple Pre-Pregnancy Counselling session connects you and your partner with a seasoned expert who will walk you through a range of diagnostic tests to gain an insight into your preparedness for pregnancy. Every session is flagged off with a preconception risk assessment, which looks at potential dangers that pregnancy may herald for you.

If your doctor notes any challenges, you may be advised a set of remedial measures such as folic acid augmentation, lifestyle modification and alcohol minimisation, to minimise possible future risks brought on by pregnancy. It is recommended that you visit a Pre-Pregnancy Counselling session anywhere between 3 and 6 months before you begin attempting to start your family. The window that follows allows you to prepare your body for its impending visitor and make changes in your lifestyle if required.

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Objectives of Pre-Pregnancy Counselling

The Pre-Pregnancy Counselling session on Cloudnine is underpinned by a range of clear-cut objectives pointed at making you healthy and whole for your pregnancy.

  • Objective 1. Encourage couples to prepare actively for pregnancy and to strive for health and wellness in the window prior.
  • Objective 2. Treat chronic health problems like anaemia, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid and epilepsy as far as possible before conception.
  • Objective 3. Identify and inform couples who are at an increased risk of having babies with genetic mutations.
  • Objective 4. Promote healthy habits and lifestyles.
  • Objective 5. Raise awareness about the need for adequate folic acid for pregnancy.
  • Objective 6. Preempt emerging risks, illnesses or diseases that may not have been detected yet.
  • Objective 7. Significantly improve pregnancy outcomes, reduce caesarean deliveries, improve labour indices and minimise maternal mortalities.

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Contents of Pre-Pregnancy Counselling on Cloudnine

Pre-Pregnancy Counselling on Cloudnine is a layered, inclusive programme composed of a spectrum of elements to cover every possible aspect of your road up to pregnancy.

Here’s a look at the steps that are followed.

Step 1. Consultation With an Expert

For starters, an expert will draw you into a discussion about your medical history, prior pregnancies and your plans for the future. This discussion leads the way for your consultant to focus on specific areas of concern or elements that may need to be investigated further.

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Step 2. Auxiliary Consultation With an Expert

If your consultant feels that you need to be pointed to a specialised domain expert, you may be routed to a lactation specialist, nutritionist or physiotherapist, based on the nature of the concern. Your auxiliary consultant may dig deeper into one particular aspect of your health to determine how it will stack up in an impending pregnancy. At this juncture, your height, weight and body mass index will also be tracked.

Step 3. Investigations

A five-step investigation quiver is followed. This comprises a complete blood count test, a thyroid test, a urine routine, a cervical pap smear procedure and finally, a small set of scans. Each of these scans plays a unique role in spotlighting various aspects of your reproductive topography, giving your doctor a keyhole in order to suggest the way forward. Extra tests needed to aid your investigation, beyond the ones mentioned above, will be charged at a discount of 15%.

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