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Monsoon Mantras: 5 Baby Care Tips for a Magical Rainy Season

Monsoon can cast magical spells on the summer heat, welcoming a wave of coolness and the perfect weather for chai-pakora, long weekend drives and balcony sit-outs. For all the blessings that monsoon brings with it, there are some things to watch out for, especially when it comes to your baby. This rainy season, envelop your baby in comfort and warmth with these monsoon mantras.

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Keep Sweat at Bay

Despite the temperature drop during the rainy season, the increased humidity can make your little one sweat, unleashing a breeding ground for bacteria and infections. Make hygiene a priority and ensure that you bathe your newborn every two to three days using a mild cleanser. This will not only wipe off sweat and bacteria, but also keep your baby clean and cool.

For an older baby, resort to more frequent baths, but remember to keep them short to limit your child’s direct exposure to the environment. A good rule of thumb is to choose a time of day when the weather is pleasant; not too cool, nor too warm. After you are done bathing, gently pat your little one’s skin dry and dab up any dampness hidden in the folds.

Pull Double Duty With Diapers

The rains call for double the trouble, when it comes to diapers. Here’s why. The monsoon can lead to increased dampness around the diaper area, spurring on nappy rash. Also, with the seasonal temperature changes, your baby is likely to accompany the rain gods in tinkling a whole lot more than usual. Keeping the diaper area clean and dry can eliminate moisture-breeding bacteria and gently air your baby’s skin.

Check for Rashes

Skin rashes aren’t just reserved for the summer. In fact, your baby’s skin becomes especially susceptible to skin infections during the monsoon. Scan your child’s skin everyday for signs of rashes, bumps, redness, swelling or irritation and meet a doctor to report anything out of the ordinary.

Monsoon-proof Your Home

Mosquitoes can make for the most unsolicited guests during the monsoon, and can be dangerous for your baby. Save your home from becoming a magnet by keeping it tidy, dry and clean during the rains.

Seal your windows with an added net partition, trim your greens and swap out any stagnant water at regular intervals. If your child sleeps in a cot or crib, marry aesthetics and function by conjuring a whimsical canopy out of mosquito mesh and draping it from the ceiling.

Pick Breathable Outfits

Light, airy and breathable clothing can be a blessing for your baby’s skin. That said, it can be hard to choose what really qualifies as monsoon clothing, considering the variation in temperature during the rainy season. When in doubt, dress your baby in one more layer than you would wear.

Also, pick loose-fitting outfits in linen or cotton and preferably, choose long sleeves over short ones, to shield your little one from pesky mosquitoes. Last but not the least, carry a jacket along with you to cover up your darling bundle if the mercury drops too low. With these baby-friendly tips and tricks, acquaint your baby with the year’s best-loved season the right way. Make it a magical monsoon, outside and in.

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