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Fatherhood: Embrace your New Role

January 20, 2021
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Lately, you would’ve heard people say “We’re pregnant!”, stressing on the ‘we’, as the mother isn’t the only one expecting, there are two of you having a baby. Find out how to support your partner and get her through this phase by being her pillar of strength. 

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Learning that your partner is carrying, maybe a life-changing moment for you, you would want to hold on to that moment every time you feel challenged during the pregnancy. Knowing that there will be a mini-you in a few months, may put a lot of things in perspective, and may change you for the better. Becoming a father definitely gives a huge sense of meaning and purpose to your life. 

You can prepare yourself for the arrival of your bundle of joy in the following ways:

  • Do your share of research on pregnancy 
  • Understand and welcome the physical and mental changes experienced by your partner.
  • Attend the doctor’s appointments together
  • Get positively involved in the pregnancy
  • Make positive lifestyle changes
  • Plan on how you will balance your family life and your work life 
  • Think about what fatherhood means to you, it’ll help have a positive vibe 
  • In the process, don’t forget to take care of yourself too

As your baby grows in the womb, mom’s might go through some challenges and discomfort. As the babies’ size increases, women tend to have physical changes, such as swelling in their feet, backaches, heat burns, sleepless nights, etc. A father’s support during this time is extremely essential.

You must’ve noticed hormonal changes in your partner, these are very natural as and when the trimesters go by. Hormones are certain chemicals that are sent out by various glands in the body to do things. And when a woman gets pregnant, her hormones are all over the place, leaping into action to create the perfect conditions for the baby. You can try talking, there’s nothing a little understanding and communication won’t cure. 

It’s normal to feel anxious at this time, as you don’t know what to expect and all the changes may seem sudden. Becoming a father may be one of the most precious things in your life, you would want to cherish forever. Enjoy this phase, and be the rock your partner needs at this crucial time of her life. Lastly, brace yourself for this new role you will be playing for the rest of your life, as the most important person in your life is on their way! 

~“When you’re young, you think your dad is superman. Then you grow up, and you realize he’s just a regular man who wears a cape.”~

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