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Eating Out During Pregnancy

December 3, 2020

A million dollar question for all of us:

Smoking is injurious to health, but is eating out really all that bad for health?

Smoking is associated with injuries for the lungs, but does eating out have a special connect with major hazards to health and well-being?

To visit: Best Gynaecologist n Chennai Well, there is no straight forward answer as it depends on multiple factors:

1. How frequently do you eat out?

2. With whom do you eat out?

3. What kind of foods do you choose when you eat out?

4. When do you eat out usually? Morning or for dinner?

The ideology of eating out is that there should always be a cultivable sense of discretion that should be exercised while making food choices at restaurants or any other eateries. It is difficult to achieve an all-in-one package – Healthy, Cost Effective, Satiating, Yummy and Nutritious. But always remember ‘Healthy is not Tasty’ – many times but ‘Health is Wealth’, So Prioritize!

Anything in moderation is the golden rule here. Hence, eating out occasionally (once a fortnight) is absolutely acceptable, permissible and is a reasonable bargain for all the stress one undergoes during pregnancy. Nevertheless, a seven-day home-based eating routine or packed lunch box is by no means a license to gate-crash while eating out.

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What is important to be borne in mind is that eating out is okay for a change but not as a very regular routine or just because you are bored.

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Some reasoning to be considered before making the trip to the restaurant;

1. Eat at lunch rather than dinner so that there are ample avenues for “burning out” some of the extra load accommodated!

2. Never go for eating out after you have had a verbal feud with a colleague or a family member. Avoid emotional or binge eating.

3. Chew your food well – this will certainly give more scope for better digestion.

4. Take small morsels of food rather than in blarge bites or gulps– so you will still have control over portion size.

5. Eat at healthier places and outlets rather than fast food and unclean places. Make wise choices and do remember that whatever you eat reaches your little one!

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