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@Dr.Mukta Nadig : THANKS A LOT DOCTOR !!!!! :)

December 3, 2020

"Motherhood" for a working (career oriented) women is usually a challenge and I was one amongst them. Pregnancy is a period of happiness and celebration but along with that comes the responsibility. I was in a dilemma and doubts about handling the huge responsibility.

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So we walked into cloudnine after we confirmed the pregnancy and we were directed to Dr. Mukta Nadig for consultation. I must say Dr. Mukta has helped me in a huge way to complete the journey fruitfully by counselling me and giving the best advice. And she was always there when it was needed. As a result I delivered girl baby with a NORMAL DELIVERY (i wasn't so confident about). Today I feel more confident to handle my little one and enjoy every moment I spend with her. Me and my family are always thankful to you.


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