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Can you smell that? It's baby pee & it's a good thing, but don't you want to know more about it & take good care of your newborn? Yes you do!

December 3, 2020
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The baby urinates in Bed[/caption]To be a mother is the most precious gift a woman receives. It brings joy and happiness. Along with excitement it also brings the responsibility of taking care of the newborn. Many mothers have questions regarding baby pee.

How often the baby urinates, what should be the normal colour of urine, what should you check while changing your baby’s diaper? These queries are very normal to look for.

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Answers to some common questions about baby pee are given below

How often the baby urinates?

A newborn baby urinates for the first time within 12 to 24 hour of birth. An exclusively breastfed baby may not urinate often during the first few hours or days of birth.

On the second after birth, the baby may need to change the wet diaper twice.

When the mother’s breast begins to fill with milk and the baby starts to feed, 3rd to 5th day onwards your baby should have 4 to 5 wet diapers.

After 6th day the baby urinates more frequently and should have 6 to 8 wet diapers a day. Many a times baby urinates after every breastfeed.

The amount of urine a baby passes depends upon the amount of fluid the baby has. The urinary bladder of a newborn baby holds up to one teaspoon of urine that is around 15ml. So your baby can urinate 10 to 20 times a day and that’s natural. You don’t need to wake up your baby to change the diaper. Let your baby sleep well and change when the baby is awake.

How to check for a wet diaper?

Check the wetness of the diaper by placing a tissue under your baby’s diaper to absorb urine to make it see easily. Use disposable diaper having a urine wetness indicator. There might be a colour change of a line that you can see. Try using cloth diapers. It is easy to feel and see wetness in a cloth diaper.

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What is the normal colour of urine?

Baby’s urine can be white or slightly yellow in colour. Colour may change while you are breastfeeding as the food or medicine you are taking might change the colour of your milk. This may add a tint of green pink or orange colour to your baby’s urine.

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When to See a Doctor?

If you are taking proper care of your baby at home and your baby is having enough amount of fluid, your baby will have a wet diaper at least 6 to8 times a day.

When your baby does not get enough food she can become dehydrated. You need to see a doctor if you see following changes.

-If there is a brick dust stain in the diaper of the newborn after 4th day of life.

-If your baby is urinating very small amount of urine that is concentrated, smelly and has a dark yellow colour after 5th day of life.

-If your baby is passing urine less than 6 times a day after the 6th day of life.

-If your baby is not having enough of your milk or not feeding well.

-If your baby is having a dry mouth and lips.

-If your baby is always sleepy and difficult to wake.

Your pediatrician will check your baby’s health and will let you know whether your baby is feeding well or not.

Blood in the diaper

You might see blood in the diaper in both newborn girl and boy child. This is normal and ok if it is due to the following reasons.


it is also known as false menstruation in which baby girls have blood tint vaginal discharge during the first few days of life. This occurs due to the hormones present in your baby’s body and it is not harmful.


baby boys may have a small spot of blood in the diaper after circumcision. Bleeding after circumcision stops within a few hours, but there may be a spot of blood in the diaper even after a day. Baby will urinate 12 hours after the circumcision.

Blood in the urine

Blood spot in diaper due to pseudo menstruation or circumcision is normal but blood in urine is a matter of concern and you should see your doctor immediately. If you see blood in your newborn’s urine or your baby is shouting and crying while urinating, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Urinary tract infection in babies

When bacteria gets inside your baby’s urinary tract it causes an infection known as urinary tract infection or UTI. UTI changes the colour of urine and can make it smelly.

Your baby shows the following symptoms of a urinary tract infection

- Frequent urination


-Pain while urination

-Blood in urine

- Smelly urine

Take your baby to a doctor when you see the above sign .take proper care of your baby at home to prevent UTI.

Make sure your baby is feeding well. Change your baby’s diaper more frequently. Wash your hands before and after changing the baby’s diaper and clean the diaper area from front to back with a fresh tissue or cloth properly.

All babies are different and the fallow a different pattern of eating sleeping and urinating.

You can always consult a doctor if you have any queries regarding the amount, colour or smell of your baby’s urine.

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