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Story of a italian Couple who have made Bangalore their home, chose Cloudnine for welcoming their second baby

December 3, 2020

An Italian Couple who have made Bangalore their home chose Cloudnine for welcoming their second baby into this world. Here’s a beautiful & happy story of Paola, Enzo & Baby Franchisco.

Paola & Enzo welcomed the writer to have a glimpse of their present life in their home.

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“I reach Paola’s home with a few opinions and everything got de-mystified. I find their home culture pleasantly similar to Indian culture of starting the day with cleaning and one can find strong family ties and a huge amount of positive vibes at the residence. Paola’s mother, converses with me in her native language, between her daily chores and I respond to her in English and we did communicate about the baby Franchisco. Immediately Paola takes me to show Baby Franchiso who is sleeping in his crib wrapped in a Cloudnine blanket and he looks like an angel.

While baby Franchisco is sleeping, I find Philipo, the elder son of the couple, dancing to a tune by the famous artist Shakira in his beautifully decorated room. Diverting my attention, Paola starts the conversation by saying “A friend of ours delivered at Cloudnine last year and she had had some complications yet the delivery went fine and she highly recommended Cloudnine”

Enzo Marrotta, a professional at ABB adds, “We went to see Dr Shashikala Hande initially but the distance of Cloudnine Jayanagar from Yelahanka started to bother us a little bit even though we were ready for it as we wanted a smooth delivery this time, a good doctor and an efficient hospital.”

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Then we were informed that Cloudnine Malleswaram is coming up and we thought this would be a better idea to see an Obstetrician here. We zeroed down on Dr Anuradha and Paola says” She has always made us feel comfortable, she is soft spoken and paid attention to what I had in mind.”

When I ask her if she was concerned of Pregnancy issues and even factors like whether Cloudnine would match to International Standards, she smiles and says, “ My first delivery was in Italy and it was a horrible experience. I am diabetic and the doctors didn’t take appropriate measures to check the sugar and it was a mess in the end. I was supposed to have a natural delivery but the worst part was that the doctors and the team went on with every procedure without asking or informing me.

They gave me an epidural, they took my tests, and I was in labor for over 18 hours but still, they wouldn’t exactly explain what’s happening to me or what they would want to do.

Finally, when I was exhausted and I felt the baby was sleeping in between coming out -they decided on C-Section and thankfully with God’s grace Philipo was born in spite of all the goof ups. But at Cloudnine, I had doctors and even the nursing team who attended to me listened to me and informed me at every stage of what would happen to me.

My little boy, when he was born, I remember when I was at the OT at Cloudnine, I did not fear like the first time as the entire phase of consulting with my Obstetrician during the time of labor was very smooth. My sugar levels were monitored and adequate measures were taken. As I had a large baby and sugar problems, I had to have a C-Section but the most important fact remains I will cherish the experience and my baby and I are safe & healthy, so obviously according to me, Cloudnine is on a much higher pedestal than what I had experienced earlier elsewhere.”

She further adds, “ It’s very important for the Obstetrician to listen to the mother and have her take the decision you make regarding pregnancy and childbirth.”

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I couldn’t help but ask her if she feared about her second pregnancy and Paola nods her head. She says “ I was very worried but when I saw the amenities and met the concerned doctors I knew then that this would go fine.”

Asked about the daily routine now, Paola says, “My parents are here for some time then they would go back to Italy. For now, my little son has his bath, goes for a walk with his grandpa, we all have lunch followed by which I spend time with my elder son and yes it’s time to have dinner and wrap up the day.”

One can figure out that Paola is completely in love with motherhood. She says she left working since the time she made India her home but she says she is enjoying every single moment out here.

“ We now see Dr Shekar Subbaiah who is the paediatrician for Franchisco and we would want him to see even Philipo even though he is slightly bigger” laughs Enzo. Paola quickly adds, “ I find Dr Shekar completely approachable and relaxed and it’s nice to know a paediatrician whom we can trust our baby with.”

Franchisco is named after a saint and especially after Paola & Enzo met at a Church where they had promised that they would name one of their children Franchisco.

Paola & Enzo have been living in Bangalore since the last 4 years and Philipo goes to a reputed school nearby. Paola is also writing a book on her life in India. I leave their home with a perfect picture of a beautiful family in mind.

God Bless Baby Franchisco, Young Philipo, Paola & Enzo

In conversation with Reshma Krishnamurthy from Cloudnine


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