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Suite Package - Vashi

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Suite Package

Benefits Included in your package
  1. Luxury room charges for up to 3 days (Normal), 3 days (Vaccum or Forceps), 3 days (LSCS)
  2. Labour, delivery and recovery (LDR) room charges or operation Theatre charges.
  3. Physiotherapist Fees
  4. Lactation specialist consultation
  5. Dietician specialist Consultation
  6. Medical Record Maintenance
  7. Admission Fee
  8. Other Medical Support charges
  9. Instrument Charge-Vaccum/Forceps (In case of vaccum or forceps delivery)
  10. Operation Theater Charges (In case of LSCS Delivery)
  11. Obstetric and Neonatologist Doctor charges included in the package, including surgery and visits
  12. Paediatric Charges
Special Offerings included in your package
  1. Cloudnine memoir - Your baby's photographer
  2. Special Cloudnine gift Hampers
  3. Cloudnine Birth Records
Additional Benefits of early Booking

please discuss on facility tour

Pictures of our Vashi Hospital
  1. Pharmacy, consumables, medical equipment, scans and investigations for mother and baby
  2. Assistant Surgeon if used
  3. Blood components
  4. Newborn diagnostic tests -Guthrie, Newborn screening and Hearing
  5. Cross Consultations If required
  6. Baby basic blood investigation at actuals(Blood grouping, ABG,DCT, Bilirubin)
  7. Any blood investigation / scan for mother( if at all suggested post admission)
  8. Assistant Surgeon (if at all required)
  9. multiple Delivery- Rs 15,000/- each & High risk delivery/ medical complications - 25% increase in actual charge
  10. Additional stay- If at all required & Additional procedure charges on actuals, Additional visits- apart from package
  11. Epidural Analgesia - Rs. 10000 extra(in case asked by the patient for painless delivery)
  12. Hearing Test for baby- approx Rs 1200/- (optional)
  13. NICU Charges at actuals- If at all required
  14. Emergency admission-for unbooked pts- 25% addditional on the actual package
  15. Cross Consultation (if at all required)
  16. Stem cell collection charges 10,000/-
  17. Muhurat deliveries additional charges Rs 25,000/- is applicable (week day)
  18. Sunday /Public holiday(as per guest's request) Rs 25,000/- additional charges will be levied
Suite Room Pictures
Terms & Conditions
  1. 50 % deduction is applicable on cancellation of bed booking
  2. Mahurat and Public Holiday − 20% of package amount extra
  3. Non Bed Booked and Emergency Charges − 20% of package amount
  4. Extra charges for delivery of twins and other multiple births − 15K per extra baby
  1. Bed booking ensures the same category of room but not the particular room number.
  2. 100% of the package amount to be paid at the time of admission

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