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Prenatal Package (11-28 Weeks) - Noida

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Prenatal Package ( 11 - 28+ Weeks)

Healthy Mothers. Happy Babies

The nine months leading up to your baby's arrival can be a rollercoaster of experience. On Cloudnine, We celebrate little moments, hold your hand through the challenges & make sure that every milestone is one that you will remember for years to come.

The Prenatal package is the farthest sweeping programme in our roster of packages. It's little Wonder really, considering that it forms the backbone of maternity experience on Cloudnine.

Why Should you pick the prenatal package
1. End-To-End Programme

The Prenatal Package on Cloudnine is deftly designed to fit the entire scope of an expectant mother's pregnancy journey.

2. Expertly Created Experience

The Package aims at curating your maternity experience with maternity experience with a thoughtfully choreographed collection of consultations, scans, test, workshops and celebrations.

1. Consultation

The first trimester will include two obstetric consultations.

2. Nuchal Transcluency scan

Your consultation is followed by a nuchal translucency scan to screen your foetus for down syndrome

3. Double marker text

The double marker test marker test is a specific type of blood test with the goal to check for any anomalies that might be present in the chromosomal development of the baby. Having any abnormalities in the chromosomes can lead to serious health conditions, disorders , and so on that can affect the baby's growth within the foetus, or even later in life.

1. Diagnostic tests

Next, a series of routine prenatal diagnostic tests will help your doctor to evaluate the possibility of risks posed to your foetus. This bouquet of tests will spotlight conditions such as HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis that may be harbored by your foetus.

2. Anomaly Scans

An anomaly scan will signal the end of your first trimester. This scan will gauge the development of your foetus and check for any major physical abnormalities. It will aid your doctor in predicting your expected date of delivery, based on your baby's measurements. The scan is also usually paired with a tetanus vaccination, to safeguard your foetus against the risk of tetanus.

3. Baby ready workshops and sessions

On Cloudnine, We recommend every expectant couple to opt for our array of additional workshops, such as our physiotherapy classes, nutrition counselling sessions and fitness workshops. These Programmes have been expertly designed by our in-house team of specialists, and are geared to hone you through your pregnancy & make you baby-ready.

1. Workshops and Celebrations

The final lap of your pregnancy is generously spangled with events, workshops and checkups that will bring you closer to your baby than ever before you closer to your baby than ever before. We will invite you to attend our prenatal workshop where you can learn the ropes of parenting. We also host a special baby shower for you.

2. Biophysical profile scans

As you teeter on the threshold of your third trimester, your cloud Nine Companion will invite you in for a Biophysical Profile scan. It measures your baby's body movement, and the amount of amniotic fluid protecting your baby in the womb.

3. Diagnostic Tests

During the last three months of your pregnancy, your doctor may recommend that you retake some of the diagnostic tests you underwent in your second trimester, especially if you have been exposed to bacteria and viruses since your last checkup. These tests can help to foreground conditions such as HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis in your foetus.

4. Nonstress Test

Your doctor will also perform a nonstress test during this period, which will work to monitor your baby's heart rate. Additionally, a term scan will be performed to capture your baby's progress.

5. Booking to be a Cloudnine Mom

By opting for our prenatal package, you can also avail the opportunity to book your delivery on Cloudnine. The booking amount that you pay to be a cloudnine Mom will be deducted from your final bill on delivery.

6. Postnatal care on Cloudnine
Care @Home

You can opt for a care @ Home programme where our experienced midwives will help ease you into your new role with sensitive guidance and gentle care.

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Components of your Prenatal Package

Prenatal 2nd and 3rd trimester
  • 8 Obstetric Consultation
  • Growth Scan
  • Anomaly Scan(level 2)
  • Double / Quadruple marker
  • 2 Complete Blood Count (TBC) tests
  • Urine Culture Test
  • GTT/ GCT Test
  • 2 Urine routine and Microscopy Tests
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test
  • 2 CTG Tests
  • Prothrombin Time(PT) Test
  • Activated Partial Thromboplastin time (APTT) Test
Terms & conditions
  1. Early booking benefits will be applicable only if booked before 24 weeks of pregnancy.
  2. 10 % deduction is applicable on cancellation of bed booking.

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