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Luxury (Single) Room Package - Old Mahabalipuram Road

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Luxury (Single Room) Package

Benefits Included in your package
  1. Dedicated Customer Relations Executive.
  2. Room Charges for 3 days for Normal Delivery and for C-Section Delivery, from the time of your admission.
  3. Labour, Delivery & Recovery (LDR) room charges or Operation Theatre charges.
  4. Nursing Charges in the LDR / OT and Ward Room.
  5. Obstetric Consultant Doctor Fee up to three consultations during stay.
  6. Obstetric Assistant Doctor Support from the time of admission to discharge (for stay up to 3 Days).
  7. Anaesthetist Consultant Doctor Fees, in the case of C- Section.
  8. Neonatology Consultant Doctor Fees during birth.
  9. Neonatology Assistant Doctor Support from the time of admission to discharge (for stay up to 3 Days )
  10. Lactation Specialist Consultation.
  11. Nutrition Consultation.
  12. Two Physiotherapy sessions.
  13. Baby Immunization Administration Charges.
  14. Non Stress Test (NST) charges up to 2 hours.
  15. Planned Dietary Food for the Mother from the time of admission to discharge.
  16. Admission fee, Medical Record Creation and Maintenance.

Special Offerings included in your package
  1. Cloudnine memories your baby's photograph taken by a professional photographer.
  2. Cake cutting with new born as complimentary.
  3. Cloudnine gift hampers.
Parent Craft Services (complimentary on advance bed booking)
  1. Antenatal Workshop (complimentary upon advance bed booking).
  2. Management of Baby Affairs (MBA).s
  3. Fitness Classes (Postnatal and Prenatal).
Pictures of our Chennai Hospital
  1. Pharmacy, consumables and Epidural Analgesia.
  2. Neonatology Consultant Doctor Fees for 3 follow up visits during the stay.
  3. All Diagnostic and Radiology charges for the mother and baby.
  4. Elective LSCS on Sunday & Public holiday will be charged 50% additional on package.
  5. NICU Care-for the baby, if applicable.
  6. New born diagnostic test - Guthrie (New born screening) and Hearing Test.
  7. Additional procedures (Tubectomy if preferred during LSCS) and charges arising out of complications,
  8. Twin delivery charges and other multiple births, if applicable
  9. Stem Cell Collection Charges.
  10. If Extending the Room Stay, Per day charges will be applicable as follows: Single Room Rs: 8,500/-
Luxury (Single Room) Pictures

Terms & Conditions
  1. Early booking benefits will be applicable only if booked before 24 weeks of pregnancy.
  2. 10 % deduction is applicable on cancellation of bed booking.

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