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Luxury Package - HRBR

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Luxury Package

Benefits Included in your package
  1. Dedicated Guest Relations Executive
  2. Luxury room charges for up to 2 nights/3 days
  3. Emergency admission charges
  4. Labour, delivery and recovery (LDR) room charges for up to 5 hours or operation Theatre charges for up to 1 hour.
  5. Nursing charges at LDR/OT/Luxury Room
  6. Obstetric assistant doctor support from admission to discharge ( for stay up to 2 nights/3 days)
  7. Neonatology assistant doctor support from admission to discharge( for stay up t o 2 nights/3 days)
  8. Lactation specialist consultation
  1. Non Stress Test (NST) charges
Special Offerings included in your package
  1. Cloudnine memoir - Your baby's photographer
  2. Special Cloudnine gift Hampers
  3. Cloudnine Birth Records
  4. Cloudnine Baby Book- A comprehensive guidebook with all that you need to know about taking care of your newborn
Additional Benefits of early Booking
  1. A fun exciting Baby Shower celebration for the couples
  2. Lucky draw only once along with one antenatal workshop
  3. One session of our popular antenatal workshop
  4. One antenatal or postnatal fitness session
Pictures of our HRBR Hospital
  1. Insurance processing, administrative and medical record charges
  2. Baby pharmacy charges, maternal and baby consumables, and immunization charges
  3. Neonatology doctor charges from admission to discharge
  4. Nutrition consultation and physiotherapy sessions
  5. Planned dietary food for the mother from the time of admission to discharge
  6. Neonatal intensive care charges for the baby, if applicable
  7. Newborn diagnostic tests -Guthrie, Newborn screening and Hearing
  8. Additional procedures and charges (including pharmacy) arising out of complications.
  9. Well baby care-Blood Grouping, SBR and DCT
Luxury Room Pictures
Terms & Conditions
  1. Early booking benefits will be applicable only if booked before 24 weeks of pregnancy.
  2. 10 % deduction is applicable on cancellation of bed booking.

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