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Stem Cell Banking

Best place for Stem Cell Banking in Panchkula

Stem cells are cells that are present in the human body that can become specialized stem cells. They can potentially grow into any of the body’s other cell types. So it can help in repairing, renewing tissues and also aid in treating certain diseases. Umbilical cord preservation or stem cell banking is the process of extracting, processing, and storing these cells. These can then be used in the future for treatment when needed. It has the potential to treat many life-threatening conditions and provide numerous benefits to the baby. Cloudnine is one of the few hospitals that provide stem cell banking in Panchkula. 

Services offered by the Best Stem Cell Preservation Hospital in Panchkula 

Storing stem cells is the best gift that you can give to your newborn. By preserving the stem cells the baby can be preserved from many life-threatening diseases. We at Cloudnine understand this emotion and offer the best services for the preservation of the umbilical cord. Some of the services offered are counseling to provide the right information to the parents, specimen collection by trained staff, 24/7 collection, and processing, Client care program, Cryonine special programs, Quality Assurance Programs, and more. 

What is the Stem Cell Preservation Procedure?

The stem cell preservation procedure is simple. The cord blood that is in the umbilical cord after childbirth is collected. Our trained staff will collect the blood in a painless and easy procedure. After the blood is collected this is then delivered to our stem cell laboratory where the stem cells are extracted. This is then frozen with the help of a special program and preserved for future use. This safe and simple procedure of freezing the umbilical cord blood will be a blessing for your child in the future. 


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