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I admitted my wife to Cloudnine hospital on the 21st. My wife delivered a baby under the consultation of Dr. Leela Bhagwan. Coming back to the hospital we have had a wonderful experience with. And Dr. Leela Bhagwan is an amazing doctor. I in fact I had the opportunity to get into the OT and see the first glimpse of the child. And coming back to Leela Bhagwan she is a very amazing doctor with 41+ years of experience and in fact, she was referred to me by one of my family friends. I had a very wonderful experience in terms of facilities in terms of providing that support and the way they took care of the child as well as my wife. It is an overall amazing experience. Recommended most of my colleagues and friends to get admitted and use the amazing facilities that are being provided by Cloudnine. Thank you!
Mr. Bharani