Dr. Rhythm Bhalla

Dr. Rhythm Bhalla

MBBS, MD (Obs, Gyne), FMAS (ICOG), DNB MRCOG (London, UK)
Obstetrics and gynecology
8+ Years
Arabic, English, Hindi, Punjabi
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About Doctor

Dr Rhythm Bhalla an accomplished OBGYN practitioner with excellent clinical acumen, patient interaction and counselling skills, Dr. Rhythm Bhalla is a consultant at Cloudnine Hospitals, Panchkula. She Believes in ‘Success is no accident’- It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love for what you are doing. She is keen at managing High Risk pregnancies. She is dedicated Laparoscopic surgeon and has an excellent hand at both operative and Diagnostic Hysteroscopic Procedures.




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Dr. Rhythm Bhalla

" I came here when I was 24 weeks pregnant. The scan showed that the cervical length was shortening. But I was given that confidence by Dr. Rhythm Bhalla to move step by step. They not only gave me medical support but complete emotional support as well. The doctors, nursing staff, GDA's they all made this happen. When I reached 31 weeks an emergency C section was done. Dr. Rhythm Bhalla's a wonderful doctor and an amazing person. I must say she's been an angel to me. I want to mention about the NICU facilities. The team of doctors are wonderful. We are going home with the healthy babies, we are happy. Our dreams have come true. Thank you"

Mrs. Ayesha

Dr. Rhythm Bhalla

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Dr. Rhythm Bhalla

Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy I Dr. Rhythm Bhalla
"Various techniques like laparoscopy and hysteroscopy have revolutionised the field of gynaecology by offering less discomfort, shorter recovery times, and improved diagnostic and treatment options for various women's health issues. Listen to Dr. Rhythm Bhalla, a highly skilled Obstetrician at Cloudnine Hospital in Panchkula explain these procedures and all they entail"
Cervical Cancer Screening and Vaccination I Dr. Rhythm Bhalla
"Cervical cancer is largely preventable through a combination of vaccination, regular screening, and early detection and treatment. Dr. Rhythm Bhalla, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecology at Cloudnine Hospital in Panchkula, highlights the significance of cervical cancer screening and vaccination in easy-to-understand terms"
Polycystic Ovarian Disease I Dr. Rhythm Bhalla
"There is a sense of fear when a patient hears a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Disease or PCOD. In this video Dr Rhythm Bhalla, a skilled obstetrician at Cloudnine Hospital, Panchkula explains the condition, its signs and symptoms and treatment in simple terms. She speaks about the main targets that a patient needs to focus on so that the condition can be tackled successfully"
Breech Pregnancy I Dr. Rhythm Bhalla
"A pregnancy is generally monitored from the day of reveal because it’s a dynamic process, ever changing. It is important to keep a watch over each trimester to prepare for any eventualities and to diagnose and treat abnormalities at the earliest. Listen to Dr. Rhythm Bhalla, Obstetrician at Cloudnine Hospital, Panckula speak about one such eventuality, Breech Pregnancy"
High-Risk Pregnancies: Our Expertise at Cloudnine Hospital I Dr. Rhythm Bhalla
"Listen to Dr. Rhythm Bhalla, Obstetrician at Cloudnine Hospital, Panchkula as she sheds light on the type of high-risk pregnancies that Cloudnine Hospital can and have treated successfully and the advanced facilities available for at-risk neonates"

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Dr. Rhythm Bhalla

FAQs about

Dr. Rhythm Bhalla

Which city and centers does Dr. Rhythm Bhalla practice at, on Cloudnine?

Dr. Rhythm Bhalla practices at Sector 5, Swastik Vihar, Panchkula

How can I book an appointment with Dr. Rhythm Bhalla?

You can book a consultation with Dr. Rhythm Bhalla via 'Cloudnine' app, through the Cloudnine website, a phone call on the customer care no, or directly from the hospital.

Why do people consult Dr. Rhythm Bhalla?

Patients frequently visit Dr. Rhythm Bhalla for concerns like pregnancy, maternity, and gynecology consultations and treatments.

When can I book an appointment?

Anytime via 'Cloudnine' app or Cloudnine’s website.

What is Dr. Rhythm Bhalla's educational qualification?

Dr. Rhythm Bhalla has the following qualifications: MBBS, MD (Obs, Gyne), FMAS (ICOG), DNB MRCOG (London, UK)

What is Dr. Rhythm Bhalla a specialist for?

Dr. Rhythm Bhalla is an OB-GYN specialist.

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Dr. Rhythm Bhalla is the Best Obstetrics & Gynecologist in Sector 5 Swastik Vihar, Penchkula. Book Appointment Online, View doctor fees, read user reviews and real patient feed backs, Contact Number - 099728 99728. Dr. Rhythm Bhalla is a full time Consultant at Cloudnine Hospitals - Consult the Best Obstetrics & Gynecologist Surgery near you.