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Dr. Nanda Kumar M

15+ Years
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With 15 years of experience Dr. Nanda specializes in managing obstetric anesthesia, labour analgesia, Surgical intensive care unit, pediatric and neonates anesthesia Area of interest in high risk obstetric anesthesia management.




KMC: 62399






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Dr. Nanda Kumar M

UTERUS REMOVAL Anesthesia Used | HYSTERECTOMY I Dr. Nanda Kumar M
"Hysterectomy is removal of the uterus with or without ovaries. So we have 2 methods One is the laparoscopic method and the other is the open method. In the laparoscopic method, the choice of anesthesia would be general anesthesia. Though the spinal anesthesia can be given it results is a lot of discomfort to the patient and hence the general anesthesia is preferred the paint is made unconscious and so they are not aware of the pain and the procedure that is going on. Once the procedure is done here patient becomes awake and conscious within few minutes. In order to manage the post operative pain they give local anesthesia to the wound site. Apart form this we also give the Tap Block or the Transverse Abdominis Pain Block . A small amount of block is give with the help of an ultrasound in order to manage the pain, the other type is the Open method. In Open Hysterectomy we have two routes, one is the Vaginal route and the other is the Abdominal route. In the abdomen route the choice of Anesthesia in Spinal Anesthesia or Combined Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia. In case of Vaginal Hysterectomy, the Anesthesia of choice is the Spinal Anesthesia. Compared to abdominal hysterectomy, the vaginal hysterectomy is less discomfort"
Anesthesia used in Gynecologic Emergency I Dr. Nanda Kumar M
"The first situation we have is a miscarriage. For some unavoidable condition miscarriage takes place and the product of conception is not expelled for which the person is taken for a short gynecological procedure called as D & E"
Can anesthetics used in Labor and delivery affect the BABY? I Dr. Nanda Kumar M
"There are certain painkillers, the strong painkillers like the opoids when it is given to the mother to manage the labor pain, it can cross over to the baby and sometimes it can delay the crying for which the baby doctor sees if necessary they can assist the breath or they give antidotes to reverse the medications. The Entonox or gas method has no effect on the baby the spinal or the epidural being the regional anesthesia where with the help of the regional anesthesia it tends to numb the nerve has no direct effect ion the baby. The general anesthesia when it is given in a cesarean section, also certain pain killers called the opioids when cross over to the baby and can delay the crying in the baby for which the doctors give some assisted breaths or if it is necessary an antidote is given which can reverse the medication and things will be fine"
"IUI or IVF is a day care procedure. By day care we mean that the person is admitted and discharged on the same day"
Epidural Anesthesia for Labor | Pros & Cons I Dr. Nanda Kumar M
"Epidural Anesthesia is a regional anesthesia that tends to numb the nerves that carries the pain stimulus from the birth canal . So the procedure of Epidural Anesthesia. We assess the mothers conditions and we do blood investigations and we obtain the previous surgical history and once we see the patients skin over the spine , we enquire about the cross spinal abnormalities. The mother is counseled about the procedure"
Painless Normal Delivery | Myths & Facts I Dr. Nanda Kumar M
"Yes, it is possible to have a Painless labour with the help of an epidural analgesia. In epidural anesthesia is a regional anesthesia that helps to bring down pain and it tends to numb the nerves that carry the pain stimulus form the birth canal and it is one of the most effective methods compared to any other formats"

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Dr. Nanda Kumar M

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Dr. Nanda Kumar M

Which city and centers, does Dr. Nanda Kumar M practice at, on Cloudnine?

Dr. Nanda Kumar M practices at Kanakapura, Bangalore.

How can I book an appointment with Dr. Nanda Kumar M?

You can book a consultation with Dr. Nanda Kumar M via 'Cloudnine' app, through the Cloudnine website, a phone call on the customer care no, or directly from the hospital.

Why do people consult with Dr. Nanda Kumar M?

Patients frequently visit Dr. Nanda Kumar M for concerns and consultations relating to Anesthesia.

When can I book an appointment?

Anytime via 'Cloudnine' app or Cloudnine's website.

What is Dr. Nanda Kumar M’s educational qualification?

Dr. Nanda Kumar M has the following qualifications: MBBS, DA, DNB.

What is Dr. Nanda Kumar M a specialist for?

Dr. Nanda Kumar M is an Anesthetist

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