When breastfeeding becomes a breeze

116 LIST - When breastfeeding becomes a breeze

11 months ago, Gods smiled on us, and Avni was born. On the same day, I was born again – as a Mother. My breastfeeding journey began when my baby was given to me right after birth to feed her the magic potion – Colostrum. Breastfeeding is like a blind first date, you don’t know if it will work out or not, and you are pretty apprehensive. 

But when you partner together as a team with your baby, breastfeeding becomes a breeze, and my little one was ready to take up all the new challenges for this. With few initial hiccups of sore nipples and latching issues, and with the help of our lactation expert and nurses, we successfully moved ahead in our breastfeeding journey. From leaks to milk stained t-shirts and pumping while going out so that the baby doesn’t miss out on nutrition, every single moment of her latching to me has made this beautiful bond between us even more stronger. 

It is not always hunky dory because postpartum depression and the associated fatigue in handling a newborn is real. But struggling through it, and making it really happen is a big achievement. 
I consider this time as our personal time with no interruptions. I tell her stories while feeding and she looks at me in the most beautiful way while she is drinking all the milk. After becoming a mother, happiness is actually seeing your baby smile after a good feeding session. It feels baby is saying “Thank You Maa”

After initial goof-ups, the decision regarding my daily wardrobe started to be based on how accessible my breasts would be to my baby because hunger can strike anytime and I am the only source of food and nutrition for my girl. As she has grown up, this facet has not changed, since family food will never be able to replace a mother’s milk.

I am really grateful to God for blessing me with the ability to satisfy my baby’s hunger pangs and making her gain weight with all the goodness of my milk. For the baby, nothing can replace her “Dudu Time” as she comes running to me at the slight mention of it. 
We plan to continue our journey till the time she is up for it, as I will be always available for my baby girl 

By - Swati Narang Kaushik

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