Warmth, food and security for the baby

116 LIST - Warmth, food and security for the baby


A newborn baby needs warmth in the arms of his mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. As we know Breastfeeding satisfies all these three. 

I promised myself to breastfeed my baby till 2 years. Though, it was a challenge for me due to my job, an elder child and nuclear family. As per rules I had to join after 6 months maternity leave. I was looking for solutions to continue my breastfeeding journey, and then I found a Supreme Court judgement in which a mother can take 4 nursing breaks during working hours. I submitted a copy of the same to my Organization. They agreed and thankfully now I am able to breastfeed my dear daughter within working hours. I am no longer merely a living thing in the world….I am a world to her…

By - Taranjeet

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