Through the Layers of Luxury, There Is a Remarkably Inherent Human Touch

We had our baby on Cloudnine in September 2017 and we couldn’t have asked for better quality prenatal and postnatal care.

Our doctor, Dr. Praveena Shenoi, was a gem whom we began trusting implicitly through our pregnancy. She was inspiring and motivating, and instilled tremendous confidence in us as first-time parents. Despite her busy schedule, she planned every detail meticulously and never left anything to chance. She knew exactly what had to be done when.

In addition to the fantastic medical care we received, Cloudnine organised various workshops that guided us on proper nutrition, fitness and Lamaze techniques. Most of our queries were answered in detail during those workshops. We were also given a free consultation with the lactation specialist and the physiotherapist before the delivery. The best thing about the pregnancy journey was that at each juncture, my husband was equally involved by the hospital. He was present through my labour and was there to receive the baby!

The staff and nurses were very helpful and took care of my requirements. Our CRE, Ms. Meghala Sudheeran, helped us a lot, right from fixing appointments and taking calls to giving us a tour of the hospital and showing us around the labour room.  The ambience at the hospital was restful and relaxing.

I was in my 40th week of pregnancy when I rushed to the ER after suspecting a leak (I knew this because I’d learned about the signs of labour during an orientation with my physiotherapist, Dr. Anindita Bhattacharya). I was evaluated and Dr. Shenoi instructed the on-duty doctor to get me admitted immediately. I was taken to the labour induction room and the staff and doctors explained to us what procedures would be administered. The next afternoon, after receiving an episiotomy to ease the delivery, our darling baby daughter was born.

It’s the little things that elevated our birthing experience on Cloudnine. After moving to our room, we noticed that there was a personalised plaque on the door reading my and my husband’s names. There was also a sign that announced ‘It’s a Girl’!

Inside, there was a gown, disposable undergarments, warm water and baby essentials. We were visited by a paediatrician, a lactation specialist, a dietician and a physiotherapist. At night, the nurse would ask me to rest and would gently pick up our daughter and lovingly rock her to sleep! She tracked her urine count and changed her diapers too. It just goes to show that through the layers of luxury that Cloudnine offers, there is a remarkably inherent human touch.

By - Mrs Renuka Ekbote

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