The true Maa ka doodh

116 LIST - The true Maa ka doodh

Our blissful journey started when our lil sunshine

arrived in our lives. I have always heard a dialogue “Maa ka Dood piya hai toh saamne aa ”  and I could believe it only when I saw my baby coming out from NICU only because of BREASTMILK. 

I had a problem of over supply! you all must be saying Wow ! but no it’s not cool. 

First and foremost, having an Oversupply or force full letdown is not a good problem to have! Imagine you are drinking water from a bottle someone comes and suddenly pats the bottle the water may just choke you and water may enter your nose. Not a pleasant feeling right?

It doesn’t mean your baby is going to get a lot of milk in fact it can be the exact opposite –  just because milk is gushing out too quickly than your baby would desire your baby would pull back from breasts and may be averse to nursing in turn not getting enough.

Because of these issues 

My babies were gassy/colicky 

He was unable to nurse efficiently 

My babies often clamped down on nipples to regulate the flow which hurt me badly leaving me with bleached, burning and bleeding nipples 

Your baby wants to nurse. You have the milk, but your baby just can’t latch it is the worst thing ever. 

Understand that most low supply issues are perceived, babies don’t always cry for hunger and doesn’t mean the mother is inadequate in providing milk. Let your supply be established and regulated as per your baby’s demand, Provide the baby unlimited access to the breasts and let the baby decide the nursing duration. 

Breastfeeding is the most beautiful thing a woman can have. Breastfeed is just you and your baby, it’s a bond which connects two souls. You are nurturing a tiny human being with the power of liquid gold. There are many mothers who give up on Breastfeeding because of lack of information and support. As per WHO, globally only 38% of infants are exclusively breastfed. I am an exclusive Breastfeeding mom of a 11 months old baby and still going strong. We had many ups and down in our journey but at the end it’s all worth it. Hang in there, Mamma!  it’s just a phase.. 

By - Garima

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