The essence of a woman’s life

116 LIST - The essence of a woman’s life

The journey of motherhood is the essence of any woman’s life. Breastfeeding comprise one of its important aspects. In my journey I was so confident about my capabilities to bring up a little one  and never giving my child top feed but all my confidence got shattered soon after my delivery , it is not as easy as it seems to be instead it is the most difficult and challenging task , no doubt the joy and happiness it brings along is worth. My journey has not been as simple as i thought,  the time i was in hospital everything was fine but after coming back home  I could not handle the baby plus myself , I started feeling fear and anxiety, reasons being my child’s health issues, jaundice and no household support, being all alone. There was a time where I could not take care of my lil one and ask my mother to take him along with her  so i can deal with my depression. My husband always stayed by my side and helped me , seeing me crying day and night, he stayed strong and always gave me words of motivation. He never gave up on me , his constant support and love helped me to overcome my problems .One day, After understanding my problems , he strictly asked me no for top feed and said “ you are choosing comfort over your child’s nutrition “ I can never forget this conversation I had with my husband , it somewhere pinched me and broke me. The very next day he took me to Dr Rama Mahajan and Dr Shanujeet for consulting my problems. From that day onwards I had never given top feed to my baby and he is exclusively breastfeeding. No doubt it was very difficult in the beginning but All thanks to Dr Rama Mahajan , Dr Shanujeet and of course my husband. Breastfeeding creates the most amazing and beautiful bond between a child and mother. 

I would encourage every mother to go for exclusive breastfeeding.


By - Harmanpreet Makhija

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