Thank you, Cloudnine, for Running This Chain So Professionally, Yet So Personally

Dr. Meghana Sarvaiya was our hero throughout our pregnancy and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

Ours was a case of placenta previa, a condition where the placenta attaches itself too low and the chances of a natural delivery are greatly diminished. Dr. Sarvaiya didn’t ponder the problem or allow us to get dissuaded; instead, she focused on making the pregnancy easier by offering simple solutions. Our relationship with her transitioned naturally from that of a patient and doctor (as normally expected) to that of a parent-to-be and mentor. Dr. Sarvaiya kept us informed of our progress all through. With her by our side, we like to think that ours was indeed a normal (caesarean) delivery!

Dr. Sheetal Mehta also served as rock-solid support for us, with her crystal clear inputs and logical advice. Our support system on Cloudnine was completed by several other special people, including the wonderful nurses; in particular, Sisters Dipali, Asha and Shini. Dr. Lekha, our nutritionist was wonderful as she taught me how to beat those unbearable postpartum acidity attacks. She also played an instrumental role in tracking our baby’s weight in the last few weeks of pregnancy, and helping us chart our diet plans.

Overall, Cloudnine was a fantastic experience. The fact that all the medical facilities were housed under one roof, right from the pharmacy to the pathology lab, made every consultation smooth. Memorable gestures that will forever be etched in our hearts and minds will be the way our suite door and car were decorated, and the romantic candlelight dinner the day after our baby’s birth.

Thank you, Cloudnine, for running this chain so professionally, yet so personally.

By - Mrs Swathi Rao

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