Our Journey on Cloudnine Has Been Worthwhile

Although my wife and I reside in Dubai, we were keen on having our baby in Bangalore, with our family by our side. Back home, we would routinely read reviews of maternity hospitals in Bangalore. We left no stone unturned in searching for the perfect hospital. When we chanced upon Cloudnine, it was undeniably the hospital for us.

The moment we stepped into Cloudnine, we realised it was much more than a hospital. It radiated positivity and we knew immediately that it was the ideal place to have our baby.

Dr. Suman Singh, our gynaecologist, was simply phenomenal. My wife was to undergo a C-section and what should have been a 30-minute procedure, took several hours due to complications. The laceration had caused excessive bleeding but doctors were quick to save her from imminent danger. Our bundle of joy was born safe and sound and my wife recovered soon after.

We placed all our trust in the hands of the doctors on Cloudnine and they did not let us down. The delivery was emotionally taxing, but our trip to Bangalore has been worthwhile; all thanks to Cloudnine.


By - Mr. Syed Maqsood

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