On Cloudnine, We Felt Like We Were In the Safest Hands

Cloudnine created a memorable and positive pregnancy experience for my wife and I. We were enfolded in a 5-star experience, and with the most capable doctors in the country, we trusted in the journey wholeheartedly.
Throughout our pregnancy, our gynaecologist, Dr Ritambhra Bhalla, was always only a call away. She would promptly address all our questions and concerns. Her consultations and procedures were timely and hassle-free and my wife’s delivery was overseen wonderfully. Looking back on our experience today, I know that Cloudnine was indeed the right choice for our family.
Our little one was enveloped in love from the moment he arrived, not just by us, but by the team of devoted nurses that ushered us into parenthood. We were thoroughly impressed by how they attended to our baby. They regularly checked his vitals and observed every little wriggle. Thanks to their constant monitoring, my wife and I were at ease throughout.
On Cloudnine, we felt like we were in the safest hands. For us, it will always remain the pinnacle of maternity healthcare.

By - Mr. Sukhvir Kaur

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