My unique breastfeeding experience

116 LIST - My unique breastfeeding experience

Hello dear mummies,

My unique breastfeeding experience for my premature twin babies was like something I can’t share in just few words.I have breastfed my babies day and night without feeling there precious touch, without seeing them,without smelling them. Both of them were in NICU fighting for survival and I could only support them with my breast milk. My only goal was to take them soon in my hands ,feel and feed them.I had no support from my house as I had lost my mom and mother-in-law just before my babies were born and I had no ladies relatives also to help me breastfeeding and take care of me. My only soul mate was medela electric breast pump, my husband’s motivating words and my lactation sister sheetal and all my NICU nursing staff. With their support, guidance, motivating words and my doctor’s words on how important breastfeeding was for my babies I could exclusively feed my premature twin babies. Whatever difficulty a mother can face during breastfeeding she can’t replace it with anything else in this world. Difficulties are temporary but the nutrition for our babies are life long.

Thank you,


By - Viji C

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