Started on the day of 11 Jan 2019, right after a few minutes of my baby’s birth I was overwhelmed with emotion when I met my alluring son, my heart was pounding and eyes were brimming with joy. It was my first opportunity to feed my baby. I was constantly trying to get some milk out but had a miserable amount of it i.e.  Just a drop, but was not less than a gold liquid.

Here I started my journey of  breastfeeding as the first few days were of continuous efforts to bring out the milk due to which my baby had to have formula feed but  with the guidance and efforts of the hospital nannies and specially Rama ma’am their motivation helped me to latch my son adequately. With the days passes on I fortunately haven’t struggled  with my breastfeeding as I am lucky that I delivered my baby in Cloud Nine they organize lactation sessions for new moms and luckily it was on the same day when I delivered.

Since then it’s been 6.5 months in exclusively Breast feeding, and I must write here that it is the best feeling a woman could experience in her lifetime. The bonding it gives, the satisfaction and every memory to be cherished. And BREASTFEEDING is a matter of PRIDE for me and I love feeding my baby just being a SUPERWOMAN…

Every mother’s breastfeeding journey is unique and fraught with its own sets of challenges.


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