My Breastfeeding journey is more than what I know & expected

116 LIST - My Breastfeeding journey is more than what I know & expected

Being a mother Is the best thing that can happen to a woman but being a breastfeeding mother is bestest & above all

My BF journey is more than what I know & what I have expected.Its benefits are beyond all the medical values we know about BF.This is the only source of nourishment that benefits the person who is giving & the one who is getting nourished.I am a proud mother of a daughter(AMELIA)& I proudly BF my baby for 2.5years. It not only helped me to create a beautiful bond between both of us but also helped me to cope up with all the huddles that took place during her first year of milestones.Even I didn’t remember I feed my child with any harsh medicines during her BF period. If I talk about myself I lost 25 kgs,with BF only & also It helped me too to get rid of all the minor ailments post pregnancy. I am a travel lover & BF made my journey more comfortable & exciting.I must say BF is the best feeding & the best gift a mother can gift her newborn before the baby enters the materialistic world

Last but not the least I personally recommend that if u prepare your mind,body & soul before BF then u can see miraculous effect not only medically but physically & mentally too.

Wishing all beautiful mommies a beautiful BF journey.☘️

By - Shilpam Vashishth

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