Memories worth a Million..

116 LIST - Memories worth a Million..

If you’re reading this, then my guess would be that your baby is in the NICU, because I reckon when you have  a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby you would have just walked past this place, ignoring its presence.


Well that’s how I thought my pregnancy delivery would be.

Twins, double the trouble | double the fee | but little did I know that I would be spending 3 months in the NICU, lose one of them to God.


But, But I also got to take my 25 week baby girl home from the NICU, so the NICU will always hold a special place in my heart. Some people say that you will forget the place once your baby is home.


I will never forget the NICU. I will never forget how much Dr Krishna | Dr. Nandini | Dr Girish and Dr. Nayana and the junior doctors have done for our baby. Being a doctor myself I know how difficult it is to make a decision in such a situation.


I will never forget the NICU sisters who were like angels watching over my little one. Everytime I cried in the NICU they waited always and consoled me. At the end of the journey we developed a special bond.We would joke about so many things. Never thought I would laugh in the NICU> I always joke that my daughter’s first word would be ‘Kutty’ or something as she was always spoken to in Malayalam.


It’s the most stressful time of your life| It’s a roller-coaster ride but these tiny one are time-fighters who move mountains. Just hang on to these! Trust The Doctors! Trust The Sisters! Trust God!


Don’t get stressed over little things,  like when my baby had a wound on her nose due to CPAD, I cried! I complained. It’s foolish to think of it now. Look at the bigger picture of taking your baby home.



By - Kavya & Tarun

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