“Maternity is not illness, its a form of Wellness”

I would like to share with you the experience of delivery of our baby, Ahaan Chawla baby of Sheetal Sikand.

Ahaan is our first baby at 40 years of age of my wife. She was extremely happy when she conceived as at that age it was something she couldn’t have imagined but nervous at the same time.

We were suggested Cloud Nine for the wellness of my wife during the pregnancy. Dr. Witty Raina looked after my wife not only as a doctor but gave immense emotional support and courage to her for carrying along so well during her 9 months, we personally like to thank her from the bottom of the heart.

Apart from the regular checkups, we think we were so fortunate to get associated with you for the client service assistances. At any point of time we were given such warm treatments and besides a great professionalism, you always made us personally feel very hospitable and comfortable.

Whenever we were worried about anything, the assistance was provided by you over the phone on all aspects whether related to our checkup appointments or remotely arranging for medicines, documentations or anything with such ease.

I was very jittery at the time of her delivery but the way you coordinated with the team of cloudnine to take care of us was an overwhelming experience.

My wife was made to walk the very next day after her C-section. The entire teams of staff were so helpful to us as we did not have parental support to guide us on any step. From teaching her to breast feed to the point of mentally preparing her positively for nurturing up our new born was absolutely commendable…we felt so warm and homely that my wife missed staying in the hospital as she was nursed so well.

I would strongly recommend Cloud Nine to all the expecting parents as the positivity inculcated by the staff is a very necessary part of parenthood which on its own may be missed out somewhere. I strongly agree with one of the quotes i read in your facility “Maternity is not illness, its a form of Wellness". I could see this culture in the hospital’s entire team.

Best Wishes for the good work and wishing you all profoundly for great job.

By - Kaustubh Chawla and Sheetal Sikand

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