I’ll care for you forever, my Baby you are!

116 LIST - I’ll care for you forever, my Baby you are!

AH !! What a tremendous feeling of being a mother. I have attained my newest supper power i.e. “Breastfeeding”. It is beautiful, crazy and wonderful journey, full of complex emotions. Its an unsentimental metaphor for how love works. 

I can’t forget my trembling and nervous hands holding my baby for first time in my arms and not able to feed but I had faith in almighty God and confidence in myself and was quite optimistic for the same. 

Sense of frustration of  opening of bra with one hand, feeding my baby and eating food quickly with the other hand.      

Sense of Annoyance sleepless nights, confused off hair, backaches, continuous crying baby and all night pumping of milk. But finally I got into the act and it became a routine and gave me a feeling that I am filled with liquid Gold. 

Sense of satisfaction, warmth and security :  I saw in my baby’s eyes blissful feeling which made me relaxed and confident and I was at peace & all the negative fears just vanished in a wink. 

My baby is growing and gaining weight, I feel pride and joy. Its quite nostalgic that this special feeling and special time will soon come to an end……… 

By - Dr Neha Bansal

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