I adore being able to breastfeed

116 LIST - I adore being able to breastfeed

My breastfeeding journey

 After my delivery, when I held my princess for the first time, she was cutely bobbing her head side to side. The hospital nurse told me how to position myself and how to have a good latch and I was able to feed my angel within 1 hour of delivery. I continued with my breastfeeding journey thereafter. My daughter latched like a champion and I felt triumphant. With time, I became a pro and feeding on demand became the norm. I soon began expressing and this felt like a natural step for me. I continued breastfeeding my daughter for 2 years and then I weaned her off. I adored being able to breastfeed. Its free, convenient, provides immunity against many illnesses and helps the mother to bond with the baby. I’m glad to say that my breastfeeding journey was as easy as breathing.   

By - Ruhi Garg

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