Exclusively breastfeeding is a bliss

116 LIST - Exclusively breastfeeding is a bliss

Coming up on 4 months of breastfeeding.. I m proud.. Our bodies are pretty cool.. Breastfeeding is not easy it comes with sleepless nights,a lot of tears and also wanting some “me” time.. But at the end it’s all worth and it’s an irreplaceable moment.. My daughter is on exclusive bf.. Since day one its not been a tough task for me.. Bcoz since day one she latches so nicely that it didn’t troubled me a lot.. Though there are tough days too where i just wanted to give up as my daughter sleeps less n ppl around me used to say “iska pet nahi full hota hoga tere milk she give her formula” but after talking to neeru aunty and Dr. Rama ma’am I didn’t give up. In short my journey of breastfeeding is going beautiful with “my little one in my arms”.

By - Teena Aggarwal

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