During breastfeeding, positive thinking is all you need

116 LIST - During breastfeeding, positive thinking is all you need

To start with, I was extremely skeptical about breastfeeding with multiple doubts such as –

whether i will have sufficient milk supply?

will the let down be okay?

what if i get engorged breasts? etc. etc.

Two weeks before my due date, I spoke to sister Somy and asked if I should stock up on formula and feeding bottles. she said “ABSOLUTELY NO”. She pushed me very emphatically, for positive thinking and boosted my confidence. Rather, she did not give me a choice, her words were “you HAVE TO breastfeed your baby”. She did not even allow me to buy anything to support, for any emergency situation. being a strong planner and organizer, I must admit it was difficult for me to trust her blindly and follow her advice, completely.

However, I am in deep gratitude and so thankful, that I listened to her! As soon as my baby came out of my womb, my breast milk flowed, and has been flowing very well, since then. My little one is almost 3 months now, and is being exclusive breastfed – healthy and gaining weight, thankfully!Besides cost savings, easier and convenient handling (no hassle of mixing formula, cleaning bottles etc.), the biggest benefit of breastfeeding lies in “the emotional bond” which gets established between the mother and child, which as they say, is a lifetime investment.

In my view, breastfeeding is nature’s blessing, and every mother should strive hard to partake in this beautiful process. We need more people like sister Somy, dr. manjula deepak, nursing staff at cloud nine, who strongly supported me in my breastfeeding journey.

By - Sumeet Sandhu

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