Cloudnine Never Leaves a Stone Unturned When It Comes to Serving Guests

Although our pregnancy journey was smooth-sailing, a minor complication along the road had us tied in knots. Our doctor at the time detected a nuchal cord, and the thought of it harming our little one became a deep-seated fear. We were suggested scans and sonographies week after week, but no definite solution was laid out. What we needed was a one-stop solution to our concerns. When it came to our baby, we wanted nothing but the best-in-class facilities and treatment.
My wife and I spoke to several of our colleagues who unanimously recommended Dr. Manjiri Kulkarni and Cloudnine Hospital. When we learned of her expertise in the field, we scheduled an appointment right away. During our interaction, Dr. Kulkarni was confident and walked us through the condition, which would eventually resolve on its own. Her explanation of medical jargons in layman’s terms won our trust and allayed our fears. Our positive experience led us to have our little one on Cloudnine with Dr. Kulkarni helping my wife deliver naturally.
Last but not the least, a moment I will never forget is when the Cloudnine staff went out of their way to arrange an ambulance for us after discharge. While it is uncommon for any maternity centre to provide transportation back home, Cloudnine never leaves a stone unturned when it comes to serving guests.
Our relationship with Cloudnine is still going strong as we continue to consult their paediatrics division for our baby. We strongly vouch for Cloudnine and truly believe it is one of Pune’s best maternity centres.

By - Mr. Sonia Bhardwaj

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