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116 LIST - Cloudnine Is The Best

1st of all, a big thank you to the entire NICU team at Cloudnine. I still remember my first day at the NICu when I came to meet my son, Shaurya. Seeing him bound in those tubes made me cry out my heart but the sisters present there consoled me and explained to me how it was for my son’s good and that I had to keep a positive attitude. They did everything in their capacity to console me and assured me that my son would be in my arms soon. Dr Piyush shah & Tanushree were highly understanding. They knew what they had to do for the treatment and how I had put all my trust in him. Due to constructive guidance and support, I have my son with me today. The entire team priya , neha, kavita, Jaishree, preeti, vivek, Dr. Abhishek, Dr. Kaustubh, and the support staff all together made bringing my son to me in complete health possible. The NICU is highly clean and a strong order, discipline and decorum is maintained. After the treatment and getting answers to all my questions I can now say that Cloudnine’s NICU is the best.

By - Vidhi Chitaria

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