Cloudnine Felt Like a 5-Star Experience Rooted In Superior Clinical Care

Being our first baby, my husband and I felt trepidation at what lay ahead of us, but Cloudnine left no stone unturned in making us feel inspired and reassured. To us, Cloudnine felt like a 5-star experience that gave us the best of luxury and superior clinical care. In addition, what made our pregnancy special was the fact that my husband was encouraged to be equally involved in workshops, consultations, sessions and most importantly, my delivery. The fact that he was by my side through it all made it a journey that both of us will remember with a special fondness. Among all the sessions that I attended, the yoga classes proved especially useful for me and helped me through my pregnancy. Overall, Cloudnine was an awesome experience that we will always, always treasure.

By - Sukhmani Sandhu

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