Breastfeeding has become our special bond

116 LIST - Breastfeeding has become our special bond

My Breastfeeding journey

The bond between a mother and her child  is eternal and irreplaceable. When I conceived my baby, I was always conscious of the two hearts beating inside my body. I was always aware that I was her only connection to the world she was about to come into. 

Once Mahira was born, everybody came into the picture and now breastfeeding has become our special bond,  that only the two of us share and that is just so special for me. From having the hardest time trying to  get her latch properly, to her sucking on to me with such perfection like we have  become ONE once again  has been not just a challenge, but also the most precious moments. 

From facing issues of latching, to inadequate milk production, to being unable to understand whether she wants milk every time she is crying, the past 20 days of hard work by both of us has given me some level of confidence about the process and I have started enjoying breast feeding time with my little baby.

It’s the time when her little hands hold my fingers, when her eyes stare into mine and  she smiling with her closed eyes when her tummy is full. Trust me, even if it is hard to breastfeed , one should enjoy it completely as mother’s milk is the best gift a mother can give to her newborn. 


By - Tapsi

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