Angels are real

116 LIST - Angels are real

My experience at Cloudnine has been absolutely amazzzzing!

But, I want to thank Dr. Piyush and the entire NICU staff the most, for making my daughter’s journey so smooth and easy.

Dr. Piyush is God to me, each and every nurse here is like a mother. The way, babies are taken care of here, is simply incredible. They give the babies an enormous amount of care and attention which aids in their rapid recovery.

The sisters here are highly experienced, I was helped by sister Priya who has been nursing for a long time. The knowledge that she has gained in all these years help first-time mothers like me, in taking care of their little ones. She’s indeed my Guru.

The hygiene maintained in the NICU holds much credibility as they are very strict about its cleanliness and the rules need to be abided by at all times. This leaves us happy and content knowing that our kids are in safe hands.  

I had been given all the clarity regarding my baby and always knew what was happening. I was very scared on the first day but after 37 days I was completely aligned with the ways followed at Cloudnine. It’s the least to say that my time here went by  smoothly.

God bless you all! You all are angels to me!

By - Shruti

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