All the Doctors on Cloudnine Were Exceptional

I had a host of doctors looking after me on Cloudnine and my experience with each of them was exceptional. Dr. Praveena Shenoi, my gynaecologist, was my guiding light throughout the pregnancy.  Dr. Malathi Raja was kind, friendly and an absolute delight to converse with. Soon after, I consulted Dr. Anindita Majumdar Bhattacharya, who educated me on prenatal and postnatal fitness. The warmth I received made me feel as though I had never left home.

I was due to deliver on a Sunday and despite it being the weekend, the concerned doctor was present to help me deliver. After four hours of painful contractions, I requested a surgery to make the delivery easier, but doctors suggested otherwise. They encouraged and inspired me to stay strong and deliver naturally. I am thankful today that I had the courage to pull through. When I had signed up for the maternity package on Cloudnine, I had no idea I was in for a treat. I recommend Cloudnine with zero hesitation. It’s a phenomenal facility for childbirth.

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