A new mom’s superpower

116 LIST - A new mom’s superpower


Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful things that exist in nature. It is an honor for me to breastfeed my baby. Through Breastfeeding, I don’t only transfer milk to my baby, I transfer my energy too.

As far as my Breastfeeding journey is concerned, I am going to candidly tell that I was a clueless 28 years looking at my son in my arms, trying to figure out how exactly I should carry a newborn. I took things as they came, one step at a time. I was trying to get the hang of carrying my son and found it almost hilarious how he was bobbing his head from side to side trying to latch on. It was starting to look really cute and while I was trying to capture those moments to store in my heart for the rest of my life, someone would always barge in and would try to force my breastfeeding experience into fast lane. I used to get mortified. Someone had just walked in my privacy and was staring straight at me in a state of undress. Though I am thankful to them and appreciate them for their concern but at the same time I expected some respect for my privacy as well.

In my journey of breastfeeding, inter-alia amongst others, I have learnt three very important lessons; (a) breastfeeding isn’t just transfer of milk, it is transfer of your love to the baby as well; (b) give privacy to mother and baby. If breastfeeding offends anyone, he/she should feel free to put blankets on their faces; (c) stay positive and free from stress as your energy also gets transferred to the baby.

By - Ritika verma

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